New Video of "Blue Notes"  

Check out the videos page for a new video of Jeff Whitehead performing an acoustic version of "Blue Notes" from the upcoming album, "Blue Notes". Recorded at Studio 601 in Austin, TX. 

Summer 2017 Shows coming soon! 

Summer 2017 shows coming soon to support the release of the new record "Blue Notes". We've got some exciting ones we're about to announce. Can't wait to see all your pretty faces and share a whiskey or two. See y'all out there.

Blue Notes- On to Mastering... 

The final mixes are in on Blue Notes and have been sent to NYC to be mastered by Fred Kevorkian. Kevorkian has an impressive work history, notably mastering Willie Nelson's Songbird, and Ryan Adam's Jacksonville City Nights, to name a few. Can't wait to see the record after he gets done with it.

New Album - Blue Notes 

Blue Notes, set for release in Spring 2017, is nearing completion. After completing tracking at Studio 601 in Austin, TX, the songs will now be mixed by Engineer, Michael Ingber. Produced by Scott Davis, bassist of the Band of Heathens, the album is rock & roll in shades of blue. Shows to be announced soon. Gracias everyone. 

New Album in the Works 

We're excited to be going back into the studio this month to record a new full length album. The record will be made at Studio 601 in Austin, Texas. Scott Davis of the Band of Heathens will be producing with Michael Ingber Engineering. Can't wait to get back out there and make music!


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